Nuclear Plant


Congratulations Comrade!

You have been selected to join a team of the best scientists from the whole of USSR to work in Top-Secret nuclear bomb lab!

Those Capitalist pigs at MI5 and CIA have eyes and ears everywhere so even though we have thoroughly tortured everyone’s family and friends, we can’t be sure that there isn’t a spy or two amongst the scientists.
This deep in cover though, there’s no chance they’ll know who the other is so is not problem, alone they can only do so much.

If you suspect anyone though, just vote to send them to Gulag and we’ll ‘re-educate’ them so hard they’ll be sure to flip sides! Hopefully not against us though yes?!
Don’t just send people to Gulag because you want to get ahead in career! We are busy enough as it is!

If you should get delayed or run out of testing material we will have to- Let’s just say your extremities would like you to make a briefcase bomb by the end of the week.

Okay? Good!

Get in truck.



A Social Deduction game for 6-10 players

Set in the USSR, a team of Soviet Scientists have been tasked with creating a nuclear bomb. American and British intelligence agencies have agents in deep cover and it’s likely that they’ve managed to infiltrate this team. Every loyal scientist should protect the motherland by reporting any suspicious behaviour to the KGB. Suspected spies will get taken to the Gulag for reeducation.

In the chaos created by the uncertainty some scientists will happily report on colleagues just to advance their careers.

Can the spies create enough doubt to delay the creation of the bomb past the deadline, saving the free world? Or will they get ‘re-educated’ and come to understand the beauty of the breadline.



We first came up with the concept for this game about a year ago, and quickly made a version that runs on a tablet. After several playtests and improvements we were happy with the direction we were taking the project but ultimately getting a large enough group together for a playtest proved difficult.

We put this game on hold to work on Strive, but will return to it as soon as we can.