Joe’s Favourite Games – Day 3

Colt Express

It is hard for a game to absolutely guarantee a good time every time you play but for me Colt Express is never a let-down. Something stupid always happens and I’ve never seen the person getting the bad outcome over and over again do anything but laugh along at their own misfortune along with everyone else. On top of how much fun it is it’s also very nice looking on the table. With the 3D train that can be pushed along and the completely pointless scenery of rocks and cacti that come with the box. The spirit of the game for me is summed up by the DeLorean expansion, a bad nostalgia cash in in the hands of any other game. But in Colt Express it’s a good looking and fun addition to an already great game.


Fast and Furious: Full Throttle

Almost made it – Flamme Rouge

I don’t think I can express how surprisingly good the Fast and Furious board game is. and that really sums it up. Whenever I introduce it to someone there’s always a point where they look up from the game and say “This game is surprisingly good.”. It’s not simply because everyone has learnt to be wary of film crossover products but the reputation of the movies has a big part to play here as well as they are pretty much the definition of ‘All style and no substance’. A series which started with a half-decent undercover cop infiltrating a street racing gang somehow morphed into superspy black-ops technobabble starring indestructible superheroes whose power is cars and weakness is absolutely nothing.
(the ordering for the films in quality, as you haven’t asked, is 5,7,8,6,4,1,3,2).

So it’s fair enough to go in not expecting a lot, but play on and you’ll find a tense hand-management game where judging the exact right time to use your power-ups in order to swerve around stationary traffic, avoid aggressive cops and jump trains in slow-mo. The player boards that contain your car’s build has an excellent gear sick token that you shift up and down as you navigate the course. Speaking of the course, there’s an enormous double sided board and you set the length of the race you want. It takes seconds to build a track you haven’t raced before and there’s almost limitless combinations.

All the above plus you get to pretend to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Flamme Rouge is an excellent game, easy to teach and fun to play. It also really feels like you’re in a bike race (probably). The margins between success and failure are so narrow that it always feels tense. Sometimes making the tracks can feel like a bit of a chore and you can’t play as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so F&F edges it here.

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