3 Games In – Kubb

Supposedly designed by Vikings, Kubb is my chosen lawn game for this summertime and I’ve been playing a fair bit recently.

Vikings didn’t seem to have much of a grip on how to design a lawn game that remained fun for the whole family. A miss is a miss and unlike bowls where there are gradients of ‘miss’ and any bowls may still have a part to play there’s no chance of a missed throwing stick doing anything other than littering the ground.
I find that a little grating. My brain kept attempting to find the positives in missed throws to save the face of a team-member or myself but there just weren’t any. The satisfaction of a hit is increased because of the difficulty of its achievement (and gorgeous ‘klomp’ noise as the two pieces of wood collide), but it might as well be left to chance as far as my friends are concerned.

In most modern games the fact you failed is often obscured behind a few different veils or its result is obfuscated behind so many mechanics so you can often find a silver lining on any move. Because of Kubbs simplicity, everything is laid bare.
Did you hear a ‘Klomp’ after you threw your stick at their sticks?
If the answer is no then you failed.
If the answer is yes then well done, proceed to do it another 20 times until we can all go home.

I’ve yet to play a game when either party wasn’t frankly happy the whole ordeal wasn’t over.

You’d be surprised at how hard it is to hit a small piece of wood with another small piece of wood at a distance of even 5 meters. Granted, I’m no athlete, but I’m also a physically capable human with decent hand-eye coordination and I’m bloody hopeless at the game. We’re trying to find the sweet spot in distance as the official distance of 8 meters feels ludicrous.

I enjoy dexterity games with Flick ‘em Up and Klask being go-to’s for me but where’s the Flick ‘em Up of the garden?

…I actually think just putting little hats on my Kubbs and play Flick ‘em Up works well.

I’m going to give that a go.

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