Alongside making it likely I’ll be late to the session and have forgotten my keys, my ADHD means I’ll probably also forget any plan when playing even the lightest of euro-games. Should I be allowed to use a notebook?

I seem to be totally unable to not change my intended action at the last moment because something shiny caught my eye. Infuriating the other players due to my lengthy hand-hovering and the super common rare request for a take-back.

My condition is considered a disability and I make no argument with that label. It affects almost every part of my life negatively and if I could be free from it I would. However, there are many other mental (de)-buffs including just not being all that bright.
Just because mine has an entry in the DSM is it fair for me to receive special treatment over someone who just isn’t that good at long-term planning due to circumstances of their birth or upbringing?

Should everyone take an IQ test before the game and be given a set amount of Victory Points before the game begins?
Should we use achievement of savings goals as a metric?
Maybe a marshmallow test?

Due to my frontal lobe’s stunted development, I struggle with long-term planning, remembering things at the right times and a general blindness to the flowing of time. I live very much in the present which really isn’t the motivational poster you’d expect it to be. Especially if you are playing something like Concordia where you are playing in blocks of 3-5 turns with very little deviation from the original plan.

Why not just stick to the original plan and ignore the distracting new options?
Because I forget the reason for the original plan. I can normally remember the steps but I often forget the reason for the specific order of each action and why it is that I’m not doing other things.
This is where the games become quite infuriating for me, and annoyingly this issue bleeds into my day job which is programming.

ADHD doesn’t affect my IQ or cognition, just the ability to carry that across time. This means I’m often smarter in the past.

I’ve learned to just trust myself on things and forge ahead with whatever I felt like I was originally targeted at. However often the new option seems so tantalising and without fault and the old plan doesn’t make a lot of sense to me right now because I don’t want it to as the new action is novel and easy.
Taking the new action feels like a compulsion. I can feel my brain attempt to blinker itself from logicing out my reasons for the original plan like someone that abuses substances will convince themselves that this is the last time. Forget all the other ‘last-times’.

For some reason this is the best option, I should ditch my plan and do this, forget all the other times that turned out horrible and I was forced to meekly ask for a take-back the moment my unending craving for novelty was satiated.

So yes, I’m going to use a notebook.
Or we can just play Bang again?

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