Author: Joe Ruffino

Joe’s Favourite Games – Day 1

After a failed attempt to write a list of my top 5 games (it quickly became a top 10) I’ve decided the best thing to do is a series of blog posts going into a bit more depth about my favourite games. So, each day this week I’ll be discussing a couple of my favourite games.

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Running a One Shot

Ok, so you’ve followed this amazing advice and you’ve now written a couple of absolutely cracking one shots in your favourite system. You’ve also found some suckers to give you some of their free time to play it for you, and all they’re gonna get out of it is a really fun RPG session and warm feeling of having done a favour for a friend, suckers.

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Joe’s First UKGE

I had no plans to go to UKGE. I couldn’t help but be aware through the UK boardgame facebook group that is was a big event and a good time.  Most people seemed to go to buy loads of games, and I already have loads of games’. In terms of Strive development, it seemed unlikely we’d be able to organise any playtests of a 3 hour game anyway.

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